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Sweet Martabak is the King of Indonesian Street Food

Sweet Martabak

Sweet Martabak is the King of Indonesian Street Food - If you visit Indonesia, don't forget to try this one food. It is commonly called Martabak Manis (Sweet Martabak). This food is very popular in Indonesia.

You can get sweet martabak easily and the price is cheap. Many sweet martabak sellers sell on the side of the road in the afternoon to evening around 5.00 PM to 11.00 PM.

There is another type of martabak, namely Martabak Telur (Egg Martabak). Martabak Manis is sweet but egg martabak tastes salty. Usually sweet martabak is sold with egg martabak.

You can get sweet martabak with prices starting at Rp.15.000 ($1). This Food is high in calories.

According to records, the sweet Martabak was originally named Hok Lo Pan. Sweet Martabak was originally a Bangka Belitung specialty. Hok Lo Pan was first made by the Hakka (Khek) people from the Indonesian Bangka Island.

Initially sweet martabak was only given a sprinkling of nuts or chocolate, but along with the current progress, the taste of sweet martabak has increased, for example, sweet martabak cheese, Oreo, durian, blackforest, redvelvet and many more.

Sweet martabak sizes also vary from small to large ones, but generally what sweet martabak traders sell are mini sizes with a diameter of 8 cm, medium sizes with a diameter of 22 cm or jumbo sizes with a diameter of 30 cm.

Sweet Martabak is made from a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, water and baking soda. Tool for baking is made of iron round. This steet food is most delicious eaten in the afternoon and evening.

If you buy a sweet martabak, it is usually made by order, meaning that if someone buys a sweet martabak, it is made. Indeed, sweet martabak is best eaten when it's still warm.

Simple Sweet Martabak Recipe


250 gram  flour

3 tablespoon white sugar

¼ teaspoon vanilla powder

300 ml water

½  teaspoon baking soda


Condensed Milk


Step 1 Mix the flour, sugar, vanila, salt and water in large bowl

Step 2 Blend All ingredients with hand mixer or whisk egg until smooth.Stop

Step 3 let the dough rest 60 minutes

Step 4 put soda in the dough, give a little water mix well. You Ready to bake dough.

Step 5 Heat your pan for sweet Martabak over low-to-medium heat and let it sit for a few minutes. Check Pan, Add a drop of water to your stainless steel pan. If the water droplet will bubble and evaporate extremely fast, Its good.

Step 6 put the dough in the pan. Wait it until the dough like balloon

Step 7 Sprinkle dough with white sugar. Cover the pan tightly until the dough cooked.

Step 8 Remove Sweet Martabak out of pan

Step 9 Grease Sweet Martabak with margarin

Step 10 Give it the toppings Chocolate or others and condensed Milk

Enjoy your food!

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