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How to Make Satay Sauce with peanuts Very Delicious (Indonesian Traditional Food)


Satay sauce

FOOD.MEDIAKOMPILASI.COM - Satay is a favorite food of Indonesian people and the famous satay is sate madura. Sate Madura tastes delicious because it uses satay sauce with peanuts. Other indonesian foods that use peanut sauce are siomay, batagor, ketoprak, kupat tahu and cilok. You can make at home and eat satay will be delicious.

200 gram peanut (red skin)
11 Candlenut
Some brown sugar
Some red pepper
Some Salt
Lemon Grass
Lime Leaf


Step 1: Heat vegetable oil on a trying pan and Put the peanuts Fry. Stir constantly until they just begin to turn red. Place on paper towels to drain.
Step 2: Put garlic, candlenut and red pepper into the pan fry it until wilted Or Its colour are yellowish
Step 3: Add the peanuts, Lime Leaf and some water to your blender Turn it On until smooth. Set aside
Step 4: Add the garlic, candlenut and red pepper to your blender Turn it On until smooth. Set aside.

Step 5 : Add the water to your cooking pot nad then boil
Step 6 : Put Ingredients in step 3 Fry until they smell then Add to Cooking pot in step 5
Step 7 : Add brown sugar, salt, and seasoning powder into cookong pot, Stir to mix well until boiling.

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